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News, Blogs, Articles Modules for XOOPS

I've done a quick review and testing of modules for XOOPS to fulfill news and blog style postings. There are some good options available.

There are a number of modules dealing with news based content — whether for a blog, a news site, a magazine, or whatever. Each one is good in their own right and depends upon your administration needs and usage with content maintainers and authors. Depending upon your needs, you may find one suits your needs better than others.

I've focused on the ones that I've used and/or are still being supported. I've left off ones not being supported any longer. Here are a few:

  • News (solid, excellent, original, core, updated, some minor issues)
  • Article (very robust, excellent for blogs, news, and related)
  • AMS (Article Management System) (expanded news module, can work for blogs, too - Website)
  • Articles (simple, solid - news, blogs)
  • Yogurt (Social Networking, looks very promising)
  • LifeType (user dB integration of older LifeType)
  • xPress (user dB integration of older WordPress)

For newspaper and/or magazine style of functionality, I prefer News, although for simple needs, I'd suggest Articles. Others may find the Article or AMS modules more suited to their needs.

For blogs, I'd go with phppp's Article module (not Articles) as it has a bit more geared towards that functionality. LifeType and xPress are only integrated in the user dB and provide some blocks, but are also out of date (slightly, as of this writing)

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Poster Thread
Posted: 2009/5/6 12:05  Updated: 2009/5/31 19:48
 Re: News, Blogs, Articles Modules for XOOPS
Hi! Have U looked into the Mastop Publish 1.1 open content system for Xoops /ImpressCMS?

http://www.mastop.com.br/conteudo/ope ... stop-publish-english.mstp

Tnx for your nice and informative page!



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