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Drupal is an open-source web-based content management system that is designed to run on an open-source server. With the newer version 5.x series, has really come into its own. I had used it a few years back and wasn't impressed, but now I am. It has a methodology of use that probably will appeal to many content system users. The system uses a philosophy of assigning taxonomy which is the basis for defining object types, categories, and such for the content objects.

The system is quite extensible and has a large user community that provides many extensible modules to provide additional functionality not provided in the highly-functional core.

Like Joomla, and unlike XOOPS, Drupal has out-of-the-box curbside appeal. It's pretty easy to get started. Fine-tuning the installation and such does require some effort, though, and hopefully this will get you through that. Realize, too, that this type of customization beyond the core, will require some intermediate to advanced skillsets for web development.




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