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Article Management System (AMS) Module for XOOPS

AMS, or Article Management System, a XOOPS module is a powerful publishing system for XOOPS content, especially for blogs, news, and similarly styled sites.

Latest Version: 2.51 | Website

Powerful, robust features, granular permissioning; what else can you ask for? This is an update to the news module forking at version 1.2. It has some things that the news module doesn't have and vice-versa. Namely this module adds audience levels (roles made up of groups) and has a nice interface for managing articles and some spotlight templating.


Fresh Install

Install per standard xoops installation. Note that there is a replacement backend.php file for the XOOPS_ROOT directory if you want your backend main site to provide default RSS news feeds from this module instead of the "standard" news module.


There are some special upgrade instructions. Follow them as needed before following the standard installation instructions.

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