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Image Management and and Image Galleries for XOOPS

Images comes down to several issues. However, common among most sites is images for content, image galleries, and images for profiles (aka avatars). Also, if you want to sell or otherwise distribute your photos and such, then you may want to check out xAsset.

Images for Content

There is the XOOPS image management capability as well as some others that extend that capability. Keeping them together and logically organized is a plus.

Gallery Management

For image and photo publishing with various capabilities including slideshows, batch uploads, descriptions, etc., here are some image galleries.

  • eXtGallery - Allows for admin galleries and user contributions to these galleries
  • myAlbum-P (GIJoe module) - one gallery separated by categories, ratings, popularity, and such
  • picasa - recently found, but I haven't tried it yet
  • RM+ Gallery (hard-coded Spanish text when I last checked)
  • xcGallery - for managing Admin and user-contributable galleries; allows sharing galleries amongst users; watermarks
  • xoopsGallery - wrapped version of Gallery, extensive installation. Installation failed for me and I tried hard with 2.1rc4
  • xsGallery - XOOPS Simple Gallery - lightweight gallery

Avatar Management

There are some avatar galleries, smilies galleries, and such easily available. Also, there is the avatar management module from GIJoe for managing the avatars on your site.

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