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Notes on installation and configuration of XoopsGallery, the module that brings Gallery to XOOPS.

Latest Version - 2.1RC4 - WebSite

So, I finally decided to bite the bullet and install the XoopsGallery module on one of my sites. I'd been using xcGallery (based on Coppermine, but it was clunky and had some issues and problems). This installation uses Gallery 2.1. I understand that I can update the Gallery engine at any time. We shall try that as well since as of this writing Gallery is at 2.2.4.

Unfortunately, I couldn't get it to work. Maybe I'll try again some time. I also found out that the module isn't even integrated from an authentication standpoint, either, and I eschew those modules, typically. I want what Gallery has to offer, but am not willing to go further.

I was getting an error that I hadn't configured things right. I couldn't access the module via xoops, and the administration piece only partially allowed me to export users and groups and then returned errors and then nothing else worked. The xoopsgallery website is down (recently hacked it says, but down for over a week). I can't find info elsewhere, and a quick review of the code shows that it's generally just wrapping things from Gallery as a standalone app which I could likely do otherwise. Anyhoos, a less than stellar performance, but a great idea.


XoopsGallery has some extensive installation instructions. Follow them carefully, but to a degree.

Assuming you are using a late version of XOOPS, then you do not need to update the Smarty Engine (2.0.17 or later for sure). Incomplete details since I never got it to work.

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