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Profiles + Photos Hack

The Photos + Profiles Hack is the answer to one of the oft-asked questions regarding changes to registration fields desired in the v2.0.x series of XOOPS. It was answered in the v2.2.x fork, but that has been officially abandoned. This is a core hack of the v2.2.x fork that brings this much-needed function to your XOOPS installation.

I NO LONGER RECOMMEND THIS SOLUTION. I recommend that you look at SmartProfile as your solution as it does NOT involve core hacks (except for some file replacements related to registration and user management alone.

Latest version - v2.0.14 - Author Notes

This module is a core hack, and as such makes many changes to core files (see my notes on Core Hacks and why this is discouraged). Unfortunately, this hack is just like my hack and each deployment requires an update of its fields in the hack, instead of using a profiles module.


Be sure to read the author's notes (link above) and follow them carefully. If you've made changes to the XOOPS core, you will have to integrate this with those changes (or likely, more easily, those with these changes).

You will likely want to change many of the fields, and as such you will have to make the changes that you want.

Essentially, you:

  • Update the files searching for the "m0nty" tag and updating the fields needed for this installation. This doesn't always work as some places aren't noted.
  • Change the database as appropriate to add additional fields by updating the mysql.sql file.
  • Integrate any other core hacks to these files, if any.
  • Upload these files to your installation
  • Update database (use appropriate mysql script)
  • Deploy

These are the changed files:

  • edituser.php (uses XoopsForms; fields: once in saveuser, twice in editprofile, remainder is for photos)
  • misc.php (photos)
  • register.php (fields: once at top to set values from post, twice in newuser, once in finish)
  • userinfo.php (fields: once to assign-2 lines each)
  • class
    • xoopsformloader.php (loads functions)
    • xoopslists.php (adds some lists, added states list, too)
  • include
    • functions.php (adds birthdate calc function)
    • registerform.php (fields: only for registration, once per field)
  • kernel
    • user.php (XoopsUser class; fields: once for init, once for each function, twice for function insert)
  • language
    • english
      • global.php (photos)
      • misc.php (photos)
      • user.php (fields: once each; photos)
  • modules
    • system
      • constants.php (photos)
      • menu.php (photos)
      • admin
        • users
          • main.php (fields: once for updateUser, once for addUser)
          • userform.php (fields: twice)
          • users.php (fields: once in displayUsers, once in modifyUser, thrice in updateUser with %s's too)
      • language
        • english
          • admin.php (photos)
          • modinfo.php (photos)
          • admin
            • preferences.php (photos)
            • users.php (fields: once)

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