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Tapwave Zodiac 2

The Tapwave Zodiac Palm OS based pocket computer was focused on a portable gaming platform and released in 2003 and discontinued in July of 2005. As an owner, I've archived what useful info I can still find on this device here.

There are two versions of the Tapwave Zodiac Palm OS 5 based device. - 1 and 2 - differing primarily by on-board memory. Unfortunately, Tapwave went bankrupt in 2005 and no longer supports the devices. The devices are still around and have somewhat of a cult following and can be found on eBay and Craigslist postings. They are still usable PalmOS devices, running Palm 5.2.7. My Tungsten T3 runs the Palm OS 5.2.1 and generally things are the same. Visit my Tungsten T3/PalmOS 5 page for more OS5 applications and info. I've generally only noted the Zodiac differences in this article.

Tapwave Zodiac System: Tapwave (Down in 2005) | Wikipedia | Tapland | Tapwave Software Archive: Zodiac Quick Start Guide, Zodiac User Guide, Palm Desktop for Zodiac, Zodiac Bluetooth Phone Drivers, Zodiac File Cleaner, Zodiac StuntCar Extreme Update | AtZ Archive on Google

Applications:  Applications and Games (Addicted to Zodiac) | Tapwave.fr | YouPark | Handango | Freeware |


Out of the box, the Tapwave Zodiac has a bit going for it from an interface standpoint. Primarily I got it as a gaming device to play old MAME arcade games when on the road as a pocket amusement. I've tried running some traditional Palm software on there, too, and it works just fine. So far anything for Palm OS5 works fine.


If the Zodiac is your only Palm device, then go ahead and install the Palm Desktop software and follow their instructions; I'm assuming it will still work. I'm still using another Palm Device and since I'm now running Windows 7 x64, I set mine up to connect via Bluetooth. I just created a new profile and then started syncing. Seemed to be fine so far. I hear that if you are using USB on an earlier version and that you are trying to run both, then you should install Palm Desktop first then Zodiac's, but only the Hotsync Manager and even then only for the conduits you actually need. I don't use Kinomo (CorePlayer is much better) or Wordsmith (Documents to Go is much better). The music and photos applications seems pretty good, though. I am also using TealOS on this one as well, although the Zodiac Launcher appears to be a good launcher — certainly better than the Palm one.

I found that the OS5 Palm Daylight Savings Time Updater doesn't work on the Zodiac. There is a DST option in the Date & Time preferences applet, but it appears to be a manual setting. Not sure if the date and time sync automatically like on the Tungsten T3. We'll see.

Installing Stuntcar Extreme via the Palm installer requires installing Tapwave's version of Palm Desktop. However, with the archive downloads above, there are instructions about how to load it via an SD card and then if you want it in memory, you can use FileZ to move it to RAM, but up to you since it runs fine on the card.

PopAccess - you may need this application (latest version is 3.0 from circa 2006) for a number of signed applications. Since Tapwave is out of business now, they can't sign any new applications. PopAccess allows unsigned applications to work with the Zodiac. I had to use FileZ to unhide the PopAccess application and then launch it once and then rehide it (in TealOS, I had to rescan each time to get the app to show and then hide) before I could run the unsigned app.


TealOS (yes, it runs fine on this unit, even though Tapwave's Launcher is a pretty good launcher), TealLock, Destaller Lite, Documents to Go, FileZ, AutoOff, FullPower, BtToggle, CorePlayer,

Ones to look at: Blue Fang (like BtToggle)


Almost too many to list. My daughter likes the simpler games (Bejeweled, Insaniquarium, Bang! Bang!, among others). I'm more into the RPGs (role-playing games) and some of the action games. Some of the better releases come from developers like Astraware, Redshift, Handmark, and Deluxeware (among others).

Legacy, RPG
The Quest, RPG
Spyhunter, driving combat
FireHammer, space shooter
Galactic Realms, space combat (comes on Z Pack: Adventure with Legacy by Redshift)
Atari 2600 Retro, collection of classic games
Duke Nukem, first-person shooter
Doom, first-person shooter
Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, skating stunt game

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