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Palm - Tungsten T3/OS5 Devices

I've used a Palm device since the original PalmPilot 1000 in 1996. These are my notes on my various and current Palm setups. Maybe they will be of help to others.

Current Devices:

Evolutionary Path: Pilot 1000 -> Pilot 5000 (via 1M update) -> PalmPilot Pro -> Handspring Visor Deluxe -> Handspring Visor Edge -> Tungsten T3/Zodiac2

Palm Focused Sites: Palm | Handango | BrightHand | MobileTechReview | PalmInfoCenter | PalmZone | PalmFocus | Freeware | PalmGear


I'm now running my Palm on Windows 7 64-bit. That took a little doing as it doesn't support USB synchronization; you must use Bluetooth. So, I got a bluetooth dongle for the PC and got it up and running. You have to use Palm Desktop 6.2. Because I sync with Microsoft Outlook (at least until a solution comes up to sync it with Evolution, and I'm a former Sidekick fan for those of you who remember that one), I also installed the Outlook Conduit Updates - 2003 or 2007 as appropriate, although these are likely only needed for Palm Desktop 4.1.4e (what came originally with the T3). Interestingly, the maximum size SD card the T3 will accept is 1G (likely an OS 5 issue).

I will note that I was energized by the release of the Palm Pre, but I'm not sold yet: expensive, no memory card capability, and a short battery life. Using PhoneLink and Bluetooth, I can link to the internet with my device and I like not being without both if either one breaks.

I formerly used Chapura's PocketMirror Professional, but after updating to their latest version 4.3.1, I was having problems (it didn't work), so I removed it. Bummer, I liked the control I'd had before. Maybe an earlier version still works. Their documentation says that 64-bit operating systems aren't supported, and I'd agree with them. I tried a lot of stuff before abandoning it, including several different versions. I'd used Intellisync for years, dating back to the first PalmPilot and Sidekick, but Nokia killed it in 2009.

I'd found some information saying that for an older device like this, I'd need to use Pimlico's HotSyncUpdate, but I didn't need to as the T3 uses the newer PIM databases (Calendar, Contacts, Memos, Tasks) instead of the legacy app databases (Datebook, Addresses, Memo, ToDo).

After a hard reset: There are literally 100 data files on the device (thus I haven't bothered to note them) and the following apps: Quick Tour, Calc, Calendar, Card Info, Contacts, Dialer, Documents (old version), Expense, HotSync, Kinoma, Memos, Note Pad, Phone Link, Photos, Prefs, RealOne, SMS, Tasks, VersaMail, Voice Memo, World Clock. Can't remove any of these, but I can hide them in a folder at the end.

System and Tools

System Updates:

TealOS - This is what Palm should have used for an interface years ago. Unfortunately, when the Palm Pre was announced, Palm made Teal pull this software off the market. Luckily, I purchased it just before that based on several reviews. Every Palm should run this; it's excellent software. Only bug is that I see some software twice in the launcher (turn off co-mingle in prefs/launcher; after a hard-reset, it fixes itself upon restoral -- hmmmm).

TealLock - security for the Palm (and other devices). Don't leave home without it.

Pocket Toolbox Library (aka PToolbox) - System application for running C applications; required by some applications.

Destaller Lite - an application uninstaller to make sure you uninstall everything and not just the main application. Pro version available, but I haven't tried that yet as Lite seems to do what I need.

FileZ 6.8.3 - allows you to see, move, delete files on the handheld and data cards.

AutoOff 1.3 (jSwi)- allows changing of the auto-off time 0-9999 seconds or always on. Registered users get the latest version (1.6), but the 1.3 freeware works. Formerly known as KeepOn. Site has a great, long list of all sorts of Palm software old and new.

FullPower - Allows lowering of the battery threshold before the palm device won't turn on again. Also allows removing the screen brightness minimum. Gives the user more battery room.

JVM (Java Virtual Machine): SuperWaba (install 3 files; confusing) | WebSphere Everyplace Micro Environment JVM |

EasySkin - Skin your graffiti area


Office Software: Documents to Go (DataViz) 11.0 - a suite of applications to read, edit, and create office documents: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF. I initially had problems with SheetToGo (the screen would just flash and you couldn't turn it off) and PicsToGo (the next/previous buttons gave errors). It turns out it was a problem with the SD Card I had in there. It was a 2G card and the T3 only supports a max of 1G. Removed the card and it worked fine. SheetToGo also doesn't support the RND() function.

Mass Transit: Metro - mass transit for 300+ cities, some with points of interest, available for many OS. i-Metro available for mobile phones and WAP devices

Video: CorePlayer is the best. If you want to go FOSS, then use their predecessor The Core Pocket Media Player (TCPMP) 0.72RC1 (there is a 0.82 floating around out there, but I can't find a download for it). TCPMP is an abandoned project but works great on my T3 and supports a lot of codecs and handhelds. Both work fine with video (Xvid 256 kbps 320x240 15fps video, 96 kbps 22kHz MP3 audio and my T3 says I can run that at 220%, so I have room, and this is acceptable quality). I also tried MMPlayer (abandoned), TealMovie, and the latest Kinoma. And TCPMP is free and better than the rest. I compress the video with MediaCoder. I also found a bandwidth chart.

Audio: I don't do audio with this since I have another MP3 device with much more memory, but could. CorePlayer does this much better than TCPMP which could work for that as well, but there may be better players with playlist and other iTune type capabilities.

Photos: Resco Image Viewer is CorePlayer and TCPMP do photos and slideshows fine. AcidImage is not as good as I'd hoped, but it does things pretty well and is expensive.

eBooks: Palm Reader,

iSilo - another reader program with good compression - SiloX is the compression tool for iSilo

Calculators: RPN (reverse polish notation - think Hewlette Packard), My Calculator; PowerOne (Infinity Softworks)

Games/Time Wasters

Arcade Games:

  • MAME - Old arcade games on your Palm. xCade is the base, then you'll need to find the ROMS
  • NES, etc.

Sudoku: TopSuDoKu (NogaSoft) - best I've seen, allows pencil marks (all in the same box), provides hints, times the game, etc.

Astraware Games: excellent diversionary games for the Palm: Mahjongg, GTS Racing Challenge (and as yet to be tried World Racing), Mazera, My Little Tank, Boardgames, Solitaire, BrokenSword, Hidden Expedition: Titanic; and many more.

DeluxeWare Games: Golden Skull, Click Deluxe, eXact II,

Possibly Useful

Phone Link - allows you to use the data connection of a mobile phone to access data services via the mobile phone (via IR or Bluetooth)

FilePoint Premium - allows you to move files on and off the network securely. Can it be done via Bluetooth?

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