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Contact Us - Liaise

Liaise is a fairly configurable Contact Us module and hides the e-mail addresses of those receiving the e-mails.

Latest version: 1.27 (for 2.0.x, 2.3.x+; 1.5 for 2.2.x)

Version 1.26 was the last by the original author (BrandyCoke, now disappeared). Version 1.27 is released by a different author but adds some security aspects and captcha. Future is unknown. xForms is the next generation, it appears, and where I've headed. Or read this overview of Contact Us and Forms modules for XOOPS.


Install and update per standard XOOPS module installation.

Other Notes

Note: the installation sets up a cryptic directory in the XOOPS uploads directory (security through obfuscation). If desired, change this to whatever is appropriate in the preferences, and then add the index.html file to the directory.

Making forms is pretty intuitive and easy. You'll need to make a group for each set of people you want to be contacted by a form. I suggest using names of ContactUs-Groupname.

Enhancement Requests

Additional Variables

The only replacement variables built in to the system are {UNAME} and {EMAIL}; however, in /class/elementrenderer.php, you can add others in the case statement with the switch eq text.

HTML in Introduction Text

The introduction text adds breaks to every line. HTML renders correctly - as long as you delete the linebreaks (run it all as a "single line of text") (although one will still appear at the end). Otherwise, remove the BR tags using smarty replace or edit the code.

Separation of Presentation and Functional Layers

There is way too much HTML made in the functional layer to be passed to the presentation layer. Break them up into variables and then use the templates as originally intended.

Send To Configurations

Instead of using groups, often times, I need to send to just a single user and/or just a simple e-mail address (that gets changed as the person behind the position changes). Instead of having to setup a group for this and add one user to it, why not allow for the option of a single user, an e-mail address, and/or possibly a combination of all.

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