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AltSys - Block/Template Management

AltSys is the new compilation of the BlocksAdmin and TemplatesAdmin modules by GIJOE. Easy administration of blocks, permissions, and templates allowing one to edit, clone, create and manage settings, layout, permissions for blocks as well edit and manage templates in one easy place. A must have!

Latest: 0.71a | Website


There are two sets of files included in the archive -- the module itself and a set of files that go in the XOOPS Trusted Root.

If you haven't already used a GIJOE module that uses the trusted root, then you will need to set that up per the instructions included with the module. If it's not setup, then that means you aren't using the Protector module, and you should be, so go set that up first. However, if you haven't and aren't going to, then in mainfile.php add this line (edit the path to match what you setup, of course, preferably outside the document root of your site):


Copy the trusted root files to this directory. Place the html files in the xoops modules directory. If you are using XOOPS 2.3.x, then in that distribution (not this module) in the extras folder, there is a file to replace.

Install the module normally in the modules administration area. Voila! There are some other possible configurations on the module page.


Essentially, I follow the installation instructions above then updated the module.

After updating altsys in XOOPS 2.3.2b, I got a weird loop of some sort about needing to rebuild the adminmenu when using the module admin links. To "fix", in module preferences, set Rewrite admin menu to 'None', and Copy mymenu links into admin menu to 'No'.


Templates textarea Height; Diff's Unchecked

I wanted more height/width in the textarea for entering/viewing templates. I also wanted both diff checkboxes to default to unchecked. The fixes are in:

  • XROOT/modules/thadmin/themes/default/css/forms.css (textarea maxheight)
  • XTRUST/xoops_lib/modules/altsys/mytplsform.php (both for diffs and height of textarea)

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