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Content - Static Pages

There are a number of modules dealing with "static" content, or pages of information maintained by the site owners. Each one is good in their own right and depends upon your administration needs and usage with content maintainers and authors.

I've focused on the ones that I've used and/or are still being supported. I've left off ones not being supported any longer. Here are a few:

  • SmartSection (robust, great for managed pages)
  • Article Management System (a little newsy oriented, but works)
  • Content
  • WF-Channel
  • WF-Sections (development appears dead)
  • Edito
  • tinyContent

SmartSection seems to be the best module for static pages at this point. My understanding is that SmartFactory developed it from the WF-Sections code which they trimmed down, but remains very solid, robust, SEO-friendly and easy (relatively) cloning capability.

AMS is a solid module, too, but appears much better suited for news and blog sites. Content is a nice simple module as is WF-Channel, now updated to provide a menu as well. I used WF-Sections initially, but after SmartSection came out, abandoned it as it appeared to no longer be developed. I don't remember Edito and tinyContent, looked at several years ago.

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