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XOOPS 2.4.x Upgrade

Generally like 2.3.x, but a few changes....

This documentation focus on updating to the 2.4.x releases (updated for 2.4.5 so far), mainly from an upgrade standpoint. This is based on my 2.3.x XOOPS Install/Upgrade article, but with noted changes below....

Note: The published 2.3.3b-to-2.4.4 is a good diff, but missing one file that wasn't included (docfile) and included several index.html files that were already in 2.3.3b (at least the one I have). No biggie, but I'm a completist. That's why I always do my own diffs from full version to full version (and incorporate my own changes).

Many of the changes of 2.4.4 to 2.4.5 are copyright/author changes with no other changes to the files. No xoops_trusted changes in this one.

Major Changes

Main Changes in 2.4.x (Release Notes):

  • Preload - allows run code prior to loading core/modules - likely to be removed or refactored for XOOPS 3 (not fully confirmed)
  • Profile Module Updates/Bug Fixes: 1.58 in 2.4.5 (1.57 in 2.4.4)
  • Protector 3.40 ("slightly" Modified, latest at last update was 3.41)
  • JSCal2 - replaces the older jscalendar script, but it requires a paid license, will be reverted in the 2.4.5 release and 2.5.x uses jQuery UI datepicker. (I'm using the formulize jscalendar hack, except I like the jQuery setup better)


These are the differences from the 2.3.x upgrade instructions

  • Pre-Upgrade Instructions (per XOOPS instructions)
    • Protector Module
      • Per this thread, For 2.4.x, if using trust path outside root, you can run the latest Protector module (using pre-/post-check in mainfile.php); if using a trust path inside root, to protect from directory traversal, then use the version integrated with XOOPS 2.4.x and forgo latest updates until modified otherwise by core developers and/or GIJoe (and/or include the modifications yourself in the latest available version). My recommendation is that if you can't have a trust path outside root, you need a better ISP, but then again, I'm in the business of hosting.
  • Merge Core/Module Modifications (if in core release)
  • Deletable files:
    • class/calendar/<all> - JSCal2, licensed software, introduced in 2.4.x series, removed in 2.4.5)
    • class/xoopsform/formcalendar.php (depending on version upgrading from)
    • docs/<all>
    • extras/<all>
    • install/img/<previous xoops_2.x.y.png icons> (but you're deleting this directory anyways, right?)
    • kernel/mimetypes.php - was this needed by a module; deprecated I think
    • language/english/uploader_error
    • modules/system/class/gui/
      • default/css/en.css
      • exm/images/<all>
      • exm/templates/<all>

These are the core files I've changed/added for my own needs. Files are listed from XOOPS_ROOT and good for 2.4.5MB02

  • Frameworks/ - see frameworks article on merging, then apply this to the 2.3.3 merge....
  • class/
    • commentrenderer.php - changes for comments
    • smarty/xoops_plugins
      • compiler.while.php (new) - while loop for Smarty
      • function.block.php (new) - Block anywhere (trabis)
      • function.xoops_block.php (new) - Block Anywhere (Catzwolf)
      • modifier.sortby.php (new) - my found-online code for on-the-fly sorting
      • outputfilter.xoRewriteModule.php (new) - for xoRewriteModule (URL rewrite)
    • theme.php - additional useful smarty variables for templates (in xoInit function) (xoops_modid, xoops_modname, xoops_modsearch, xoops_name)
    • xoopseditor/
      • fckeditor/<all> (several, see FCKeditor article)
      • ckeditor/<all> - 2.4.x integrated CKeditor, but 2.4.5 left out index.html files (relating to not showing directories) and deleted many files (primarily plugins), best to just remove and replace with current version and overwrite with updated files (found by diff)
      • tinymce/<all> - same here (delete, replace, update), many changes/updates (only one deleted file)
    • xoopsform/formcalendar.php - incorporated formulize default date info (not yet implemented, but should, esp for formulize module)
    • xoopsmailer.php - RealName token added
  • header.php - req'd code  for xoRewriteModule
  • include
    • comment_view.php - comment changes/display
    • license.php - to be removed; do I need to worry about this key matching something?
  • language/english/<all> (several)
  • lostpass.php - to not reveal usernames, add'l tokens for mailer
  • mainfile.php (of course configs, debugging script, remove protector pre/post-checks - only if using included version, SmartSection rewrite if used - now using Publisher, check new dist.php file, keep protector to use latest version)
  • modules/system/
    • profile/
      • activate.php - better form language
      • include/forms.php - remove HTML
      • language/english/<all> - language changes
      • preloads/core.php - hardcoded URLs to match xoRewriteModule
      • search.php - restrict to admins, number of results
      • userinfo.php - field visibiliity
      • xoops_version.php - disable submenu links; restrict to admins
    • protector/<all> - removed to update to latest version of module (with pre-/post-check in mainfile, see upgrade notes above)
    • system/
      • admin/
        • findusers/main.php (to default search to both in/active accounts)
        • modulesadmin/modulesadmin.php (add criteria for sorting modules by weight sort order in Modules admin page)
      • blocks/system_blocks.php - turn on login remember me and change height of theme selector to be larger (should be option, move to template for now)
      • language/english/blocks.php
  • pmlite.php (to send email instead of use webmail)
  • user.php - additional tokens for mail templates
  • xoops_data/configs/xoopsconfig.php - restrict errors to admins only
  • xoops_lib/
    • libs -> modules/ (symbolic link for altsys module)
    • modules/protector/<all> - replaced with latest....

A few updaters I have:

configs.tar (for adding xoRewriteModule)

I'm also no longer using ThAdmin with the Admin navigation theme changes added in 2.4.x

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