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jQuery Javascript Framework

jQuery is a javascript framework that makes it easier to develop cross-platform content user interfaces for web browsers. There are several out there, and jQuery is one of the oldest, most robust, and with a large development community behind it.

Website - Docs - Plugins - Google Dev Guide (and hosted versions)

These are my notes on using jQuery and plug-ins and such. Done as notes, not a polished article (at this point). This updated article focuses on the 1.3.x release.

If you're new to jQuery, then you probably want to hit the jQuery tutorials.

If you want to reduce your download footprint, consider using the Google API versions/links of jQuery (or other similar toolsets) since the script may already be loaded. But, once you've loaded your script once, it doesn't have to be loaded again until it expires from user caches.

Some other sites, plug-ins and toolsets that I like:

  • UI - The jquery UI toolset. As other plugins use the UI, you likely want at least the min build (use Google's hosted version)
  • Interface - plugin with common user interface scripts, customizable build, much moved into the official UI
  • Easing (demo) - movement effects
  • Corner - rounded corners and numerous other treatments (Demo) - 8kb
  • Carousels (circular vs rewind):
  • Marquees, News Tickers
  • Menus, Dock Effects, Drop-Downs
  • Lightbox (overlay)


Arrays: { name1: "value", name2: "value", name3: ... }

Main kickoff function

$(document).ready(function() {
    $('#idName').functionname(parm1,"value2", {array3}, ... );

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