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SmartFAQ is an excellent and highly configurable FAQs manager for your site.

Latest Version: 1.08 - SmartFactory


Fresh Install

Install module normally.


Upgrade as usual. However, for some reason or another, the smartfaq_categories table didn't have the auto_increment setup for the categoryid field. So, you have to change that field manually or delete and recreate the table (and load data if necessary).


In the preferences, I tend to change:

  • Allow Anonymous Posting - YES
  • Published On column - NO
  • Hits columns - NO
  • Control Comments at the Q&A level - NO
  • Image Page Navigation - YES
  • Maximum Categories/Q&A per page (as high as possible)
  • Comment Rules: Registered Users Always Approved
  • Allow Anonymous Posts in Comments - YES

Need to download the SmartFAQs Help Package and install to the module.

I usually like to install a category for using the website and installing these questions:

  • Why doesn't my registration work? (Referring URLs are used, E-mail sent that might get stuck in the SPAM folders)
  • How do I contribute to this site?
  • Why do I need to register?
Make sure at least one moderator is subscribed to all the global notifications for the module.


I wish that we could have more granular permissions as to who can approve, edit, answer, etc.

At this point, answerers that aren't just registered users have to be admins for the module. I make a group just for that module.

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