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iStats - Statistics Module for XOOPS

iStats is like a Google Analytics, but for and by your own site. This XOOPS module will provide statistics that aren't easily captured in your raw http log files, but will complement that information.

Latest Version 2.2 | Website (Dead)

This version 2.2 is the latest update by Metropolis -- a timezone update of the original by authors who seem to be gone from the XOOPS community. However, the module still works on the 2.0.x series and is useful from a statistical information standpoint. Highly recommended.


Installation is a three-step process: install the module, install the tracker code (statistics will not work without it), and include the style-sheet information.

Install Module

Install the module per standard XOOPS module installation procedure.

Insert Tracker Code

For statistics to work, you will need to install the tracker code into each theme available on your website. This code is what makes the counting mechanism work. This is usually installed as close to the bottom of the page in the footer.

<{if $xoops_isadmin != 1}>
<script type="text/Javascript">
istat = new Image(1,1);
istat.src = "<{xoAppUrl}>modules/istats/include/counter.php?sw="+screen.width+"&sc="+screen.colorDepth+"&refer="+escape(document.referrer)+"&page="+location.href;

Style Sheets

For each theme, you will need to include the css style-sheet info for iStats. That's because this module doesn't include it otherwise (preferred for me anyways). This is the default (but adjust accordingly):

.statstable { margin:0px; padding:0px; width:auto; font-size: small; font-weight: normal;}
.stats { vertical-align: bottom; width:625px; margin:0; border: 0;}
.statsimg { vertical-align: bottom; width:25px; text-align:center;}
.statsimgweekday { vertical-align: bottom; font-size: small; font-weight: normal;}
.statswords { border-width: 0; font-size: x-small; background-color: transparent; font-weight: normal; text-align:center; width:25px;}
.statsfore { width: 30%; padding:2px;}
.statsdiv { text-align:center; padding:0px;}


In the module Preferences, you may set:

  • session length in seconds (stored via a cookie)
  • Date format (YYYY/MM/DD or DD/MM/YYYY)
  • Number of various stats displays

Modifications / Enhancement Requests

None noted....

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