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iSearch - Search Stats for XOOPS

Want to know what users are searching for on your XOOPS site? The iSearch module provides that information along with some statistics.

Latest version: 1.8 | Mirror (XOOPS) (by Instant-Zero)

It's relatively easy to know how visitors found your site and the keywords they used to find it in a search engine -- use the statistics provided by your host and/or Google Analytics. But once on your website, what keywords are users searching for?

This iSearch module provides that information, recording all searches made by visitors (and you can filter out administrators). The module provides both a public interface and a private interface.

Basic Features:

  • Statistics by word, user, day, IP
  • Delete stats by word, date, IP
  • Export stats based on dates, user, word, IP
  • Blacklist words


Install, upgrade, update per standard XOOPS module installation instructions.


Edit configurations in the module administration. Apply appropriate view/admin permissions and/or modify the templates.



I wanted to be able to use the Display Name (realname, or name variable) instead of the login name. I had to change the uname function in the search class (maybe this should be an option):

  • class/searches.php

Enhancement Requests

I'd like to be able to:

  • Export based on user group
  • Choose between username (login) and name (Real/Display Name). Security-wise, it's preferred to have a display name different from a login name.

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