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xHelp - XOOPS Bug Tracker Help Desk Module

xHelp is a bug tracker, help desk and support trouble ticket module for XOOPS.

Latest Version: 1.15 (Wishcraft) | 0.80 (Trabis) | Module Download on XOOPS 

The latest version by the original author was 0.78. I also found a version 0.79es version. Version 1.15 only has english language files, but trabis' 0.80 has many language translations included. Best I can tell, both later releases are based on the 0.79 version.


There are almost too many features to request:

  • Multiple Departments (could be used for releases)
  • Roles - by department
  • Email notification of tickets adds, changes
  • Email Ticket Submission (requires cron job)
  • Load Tracking - by department load (includes Department Queue Block)
  • SEO URLs

However, usually users are managed by groups in XOOPS, not individually as they are in this setup. Interesting.


New Install

The module includes tcpdf which must be included in the Frameworks directory, so upload that there. Otherwise, upload the appropriate files into the modules directory and follow the standard XOOPS module installation procedure. You can throw away the docs directory.


If upgrading from a previous version, you will not only need to update the module and the modules administration area, but also in the xHelp admin, click the "Check Tables" link and update your tables if necessary.


There is plenty to configure and at this point, this is not an exhaustive list.


There is a hack floating around that will add Captcha to the xHelp anonymous submissions page.

Bugs and Defects

These bugs and defects are for the 1.15 version; I've not yet tested these in 0.80.

Submitted Tickets Using Basic View "Disappear"

There is a problem with tickets submitted using the Basic View (also in 0.79, but this is the reason I upgraded to 1.15). For some reason, the ticket is entered but "disappears" - even from the admin interface. This is because the status field is set to zero (0) and a status of Submitted is a value of 1, but the field isn't included in the Basic View (even hidden). To fix, just change templates/xhelp_addTicket.html lines 253-254 to:

<td class="head" width="20%">
<{if $xhelp_logMode eq 1}>
<input type="hidden" name="status" id="status" value="1" />

Unable to Delete Department

I get a blank page after the confirmation page and it's not deleted.

Blank Page Reordering My Profile Ticket List

When reordering ticket lists in the My Profile area, when I try to move the 2nd Saved Search to the top spot, I get a blank page. I can work around the issue by moving the 1st Saved Search down to the 2nd spot, and that works.

xoRewriteModule Hack Support

This module has some "hard-coded" redirects, so to use xoRewriteModule, I had to change a couple of lines in include/constants.php (on or about lines 68,71):

define('XHELP_BASE_URL', XHELP_SITE_URL .'/newModDirName');
define('XHELP_ADMIN_URL', XHELP_SITE_URL.'/modules/xhelp/admin');

Did I mention that we (XOOPS) need to get rid of those "helpful" redirect pages?

Deleting Departments, Files Fails

When trying to delete a department in the admin interface, the user gets a blank page and it's not deleted. Same for deleting files from closed tickets. Have not yet traced this one down.

Enhancement Requests

Remember View All Tickets Settings

Similar to the way the system remembers my Basic/Advanced view settings on the Log Ticket page, users would like the system to remember their filters on the View All Tickets page instead of having to set them each time they go to the page anew.

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