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Author Me Date 2009/12/1

xcGallery is a XOOPS photo and image gallery module for the presentation and management of site-wide and and user image galleries.

Latest Version - 2.0.4 | 2.0.3 (Xoops Dev Forge) | RC 1.1 (on XOOPS)

I tried several image modules for XOOPS (the current ones I could find in April 2007, with another quick review in 2009). xcGallery has a solid feature set for management of image galleries. Beyond site-wide photo albums (both administrator managed as well as moderated user contributions), I also wanted the ability for users to create their own photo albums both private and/or public. I wanted a slideshow capability and a watermark capability to reduce leeching and a batch upload capability. xcGallery has all that. White it's not quite as robust as Gallery, the current port to XOOPS as XoopsGallery doesn't integrated the users and groups fully, so doesn't really meet my needs and desires.

xcGallery is built on Coppermine Photo Gallery 1.1.0. CPG is now at 1.4.25 (stable) and there is a 1.5.x RC out.

Hacks and Other Info:


Install and upgrade per standard XOOPS module installation.

You can put your pictures in your xoops_trusted path to make them unavailable for leeching (i.e., to make it easier to setup galleries to sell images). However, your blocks won't work with this path, so I ended up putting them in uploads until I figure that out.


Batch Uploading

The protector module, if installed, will likely trigger when you are doing a batch upload. Make sure to temporarily disable Protector when doing a batch upload.

Bugs, Defects, and Enhancements

HTML Hard-Coded

Some of the code is hard-coded into the PHP. This just goes against the whole concept of the separation of functional and presentation layers. As a result, I modified these files as necessary in xcGallery to make new templates work correctly again:

  • /include/theme_func.php (first line of code)
  • link verbiage for batch upload is hard-coded template not language files
  • watermark didn't work for changed files, so I fixed watermark.php for that


The watermark feature is a little cheezy, but it works. However, you will have to edit the PHP code if you don't like where it appears. A little experimentation will make it work for you in terms of layout.

Regenerate Intermediate and Thumbnail Images

There is no good, easy method to regenerate the mid-sized and thumbnail images. CPG supports Image Magick, NetPBM, GD2, GD1 (preferably in that order). You can either use the command line to regenerate these, or alternatively, you can copy them to a new directory, add them to a new unpublished photo album and then delete the photo album and move the images manually to the original location. Hey, it works, so stop complaining already.

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