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Author Me Date 2006/6/9

CBB is an excellent Forums module for XOOPS. It was developed by some of the original developers. While phpBB and InvisionPowerBoard still excel a touch more, it's not worth dealing with the hacks for it IMHO.

Latest version: 3.08


Unzip and upload the files per their instructions (copy the Frameworks folder, but remove the xoops22 folder if using XOOPS 2.2.x which I've avoided because of the long-term path of XOOPS). Supposedly the latest versions upgrade any earlier versions automatically. This worked from me from v1.12 to v3.01. I had to do the update twice for some reason, but it seems to have worked fine.

So far I haven't run into any problems per se.

You will have to install Frameworks, but if you followed my installation instructions, you've already done that.

I also suggest editing the newbb/class/forum.php file to allow whatever default extensions you like (attach_ext). Don't forget to save this file somewhere as it will be replaced on updates.

When I installed 3.05, this was where I was at:

However, there is a Frameworks directory, that includes a copy of the editors in the xoops22 directory - Frameworks/xoops22/class/xoopseditor/... For some reason or another, that's what CBB will use as an editor. You can load the xoopseditor framework to this (tested using my version 2006-06-09), on CBB 3.01. I haven't done a file comparison yet.

There are some configurations you can set, including the default editor and which editors are allowed in the include/plugin.php file.

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