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XoopsCare is another administrator module that provides the ability to maintain your database (verify, repair, optimize, etc.), execute ad-hoc commands in PHP and SQL, and clean cache and templates folders, remove spammed comments and block spammers, and empty your sessions tables.

Latest version: 1.2 | Website

The module allows the following operations to be run, manually via the admin interface, and/or automatically (via cron job, configurable by action, every number of days).

  • Maintain your database (verify, repair, analyze, and optimize)
  • Run MySQL queries
  • Execute PHP code
  • Clean templates_c and cache folders
  • Remove spam comments (based on your censor words)
  • Clean sessions


Installation is per standard module installation instructions.


Updating is easy enough, just replace the module with the new one. This pertains to 1.0 (where I started) to current.


Go to the module preferences and setup things to run as you need them to. If you set a particular function to 0 (zero) days, then it will be disabled. To make this work automatically, you will need to do two things:

  • create a cron job that runs XOOPS_ROOT/modules/xoopscare/cron.php?password=mypassword
  • put mypassword in the module preferences

Alternatively, if you can't setup a cron job, then you can instead implement the Maintenance block on a page (maybe your home page) instead to be your cron job. [Note: the block will not actually show.]

You may also change the location of the log file.


I recommend copying the standard index.html file into the module directory to prevent directory listings.

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